Buying a Home

Why choose Premier Fine Properties to help you buy a home? We make the process of  landing your dream home simple and provide expertise along the way to make sure you get the best price possible.


Getting Started

Laying the financial groundwork

Envision opening the door to your dream home for the first time and all of the great memories you’ll make in your new sanctuary. Now save that memory and come back to the present. To get there will require a little effort upfront to get a pre-approval letter from a lender or proof of funds if you plan buy with cash. To get a pre-approval letter from a lender, they will need to look at your current debt and credit worthiness (typically your FICO credit report), your income (normally 2 months of paystubs and 2 years of tax returns), and your assets. Premier Fine Properties has no reciprocal arrangements with lenders which means our only interest in recommending lenders is to help you get pre-approved with a great lender. 


Let the House Hunt Begin

Viewing homes during a global pandemic

Staying safe is a top concern for buyers, sellers, and everyone else involved in a real estate transaction. However, life must go on and that means people still need to buy and sell homes. Some sellers are extremely aprehensive about letting potential buyers into their home. When that obstacle arises, we convey to the seller and/or their agent that you are healthy (if indeed that is the case), your eagerness to view the home, and reaffirm that you are a qualified buyer which is usually enough to assuage the seller.

The Premier Fine Properties agent you work with to buy a home will organize showings for you on your behalf and will keep you abreast of appointments via your preferred means of communication. One convenient is to schedule viewings with your agent is through Trello – just add a card with address of the property you’d like to see and your agent will handle the rest and update the card with relavant info as it becomes available (i.e., showing time, directions, notes, etc.). However, if you prefer to organize viewings via phone call, text, email, or even webinar, your agent has got you covered.


Getting Your Offer Accepted and Due Diligence

Your offer has been accepted and there’s plenty of work to be done before you make it to closing.  

So you found a property you can see yourself living in and you tell your agent you’d like to make an offer. Your agent will provide you with in-depth data related to the home to take into consideration when making an offer. Your agent will also use this data to your advantage when negotiating on your behalf. 

After the seller accepts your offer, your agent will schedule an inspection as soon as possible (assuming you want an inspection which we recommend). Depending on what the inspection turns up, we can usually negotiate the purchase price down further. After the inspection contingency is removed, your agent will work with your lender and the title company to make sure your deal closes on time. 


Celebrate Your Success

You’re handed the keys to your new home at closing and it’s time to celebrate.

You just finished closing the deal and signing the paperwork (which can now be done virtually if your lender allows it – ask your agent about this option if you would prefer a virtual closing). It’s time to celebrate your success! 

If you’d like to show the world your new diggs and have some photos and/or video taken for posterity (and social media) sake, just ask your agent to book some time with Premier Fine Properties’ in-house photographer to capture the moment you first step foot into your new home. 

Start Planning Today

Whether you're buying a home, selling a home, or both, it's never too early to refine your plan. When you schedule time to talk with a Premier Fine Properties associate, they will listen to your goals and outline a path to help you achieve them.